Saturday, March 6, 2010

Local Color

A felt like a semi local today... I walked around downtown a bit after mailing a box of things home and then stopped by the green market on my way home. While there, I ran into the Green Club director from one the Green School, Drita, in the small Albanian village on the outskirts of Skopje. He was working at one of the vegetable/fruit stands and we chatted a bit- all in Macedonian! Then after buying bananas and lemons, I was walking home and ran into the husband who lives below us-- the landlord-- and we spoke a bit as well. It was nice to feel like Skopje was a small enough town where I would know people.

It snowed last night, but it's beautiful and sunny this morning.
I'll be back in Seattle in just over three weeks. How crazy is that?
Love love love.


les fleurs


his man did agree to have his photo taken... i promise


no need to watch food,inc.

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  1. Great posts lately, Tess. The photos are amazing and the details about your internship are so interesting. Keep enjoying (and learning Macedonian, wow).